The perfect browPerfectly groomed brows frame your face, brighten the eyes, and can make you look younger. Eyebrows can make or break your look. The perfect brows give you a polished look that makes your makeup complete and perfect. Once you start grooming your eyebrows you’ll see that it pays off to spend a couple minutes each day on your brows, you won’t believe how polished you’ll look, especially now since there is a recent trend on perfect eyebrows.

There are several methods and techniques on how to do your eyebrows, many eyebrow experts use different methods, short cuts or tips to get the perfect eyebrow. Below is the most common simplest technique to help get you started.

HOW TO DO YOUR EYEBROWS – Lets start by trimming and plucking your brow

Full eyebrows are always beautiful. But, one of the most important steps to a beautiful perfect brow is the shape. So if you were not blessed with thick eyebrows or you over tweezed your brows, the right brow shape is the most important. Luckily, you can use makeup to help with this.

First, here is how to use tweezers and a pencil to your advantage for shaping your eyebrows.

  •  Visualize and know your brow shape before you begin. The front of the brow should align with the upper bridge of your nose.
  • Always fill in your brows with a pencil or powder before you begin plucking. This way you won’t over pluck or re-shape your brows.
  •  Using a  slanted brush or pencil, begin at the front of the brow, the widest part.
  • The eyebrow arch should be three-quarters of the way back from the nose bridge, then from there, the tail should taper off and follow the angle of the eye.
  • Below is a diagram to show you how to measure your eyebrow properly. Use your index finger, tweezer or pencil to mimic the diagram on your eye for measurement.
  • how to do your eyebrows diagram


After drawing your desired eyebrow shape, use a spoolie brush to brush the eyebrow. (a spoolie brush is the most popular brush used, it looks like a mascara wand)


Once you’ve finished filling in and brushing, remove unwanted hairs with slant-tipped tweezers and pluck the hairs that are not within the shape of your brow. (slanted tipped tweezers give you more control and a cleaner pluck) You should only pluck the bottom of your brow, unless you are getting them professionally done. If you accidentally tweeze into the top of the arch, it brings the brow down instead of lifting the brow up.


Next, here is a quick brow guide method that is simple to do, it is called “connect the dot” eyebrow method. It is a signature method used by many eyebrow experts and great for beginners because of the simplicity.

  1. Directly over the inside corner of your eye, begin by marking the shape as you go by placing  a small dot after each measurement. (see above and below pictures to guide you)
  2. FRONT: The front of your brow, the widest part, place a dot on the top and bottom of the brow
  3. ARCH: is right above outer edges of pupils- Put a small dot here
  4. END: place the brow pencil at base of  nose, then line up with outer eye corner.(see above) End of brow is where the pencil crosses the brow line. Put a small dot there
  5. Connect the dots! Now fill in with short feathery strokes with your pencil or powder, Then blend thoroughly.

TIP: Draw a dot to mark the shape of the brow from beginning to end.



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